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Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer - Autonics-241
Série KRN100 Print
Processo Automação
Hybrid paper type recorder, combines functions of paper recorder and paperless recorder
KRN 100 series, 100mm hybrid recorder, can both display measured value of humidity, flow, level, pressure on the LCD and print them on the paper. It can save data at an external USB memory and also can print it through its data backup function (data logger function) of internal memory as well. In addition, it supports parameter setting on the PC through USB communication, Max 12 channel support due to its slot type input/ output cards and a wide variety of optional cards.

Major features
* Combined functions of paper recorder and paperless recorder
* Enables to print the saved data of inner memory when running out of recording paper (data logger function) 
* Enables to set parameters with USB, RS485, Ethernet communication
* High legibility and setting convenient by graph LCD
* High speed sampling of 25ms, high speed record of 240mm/H functions 
* 100mm paper record (selectable 6 kinds of record color) 
* Supports inner memory and USB memory data backup (storage)
* Supports several input up to 12 channels with slot type input cards
* Enables to select several option cards with slot type output cards
* Space saving for installation with compact design (rear length: 168mm)
* Supports total 27 kinds of input types
* Enables to order several type input cards (weight, voltage, current, frequency, potential meter, etc)